Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today was wednesday...

Today was sorta fun. I went to the mini ponies park in Solvang and theyre sooooooo cute. They even had babies. Then we went to a park which was kinda like kids world, and these boys asked me to play capture the flag. I only played one round. It was hot. Then we went to see Diary of A Wimpy Kid movie. It was funny. Then after we went to another park. We fed some duckies french fries and some hamburger bread. Sometimes mean seagulls would take it away from them. Then we went to a diffrent park and walked up the hill. Then we ran down really fast it was fun. Then we went to a less steeper hill, and my brother was like "If I get hurt call the amber lamps." XD I made my own little emoticon XP Its a grossed out one. SO thats all for now... BYE!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Lily lilac

Hey yall sorry I couldnt go on yesterday. There was a huge misquito (please excuse spelling) downstairs, and me being the chicken I am decided not to do it and do it today. After reading many of Dr.FrankenPolishes blog posts it inspired me to do my own Franken. With those of you who are not familiar with what a franken is, It is custom made nail polish. Today's Franken Polish is called Easter Lily Lilac. Even though it's not easter, Lilac sounded to plain.

The products I used were

Revlon's Sheer Buff
Claires Cosmetics Ocean Breeze
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
China Glaze's Spontaneous
A Cream White Nail Pollish (no name help me identify plz if you know)
Claires Costmetics Light Purple Glitter (No name)
Sheer Buff was already I used 1/4 Sheer Buff 20 drops of Spontaneous 5 drops of Ocean breeze 1/4 of the creme white, and added 2/3 of the container of glitter. Since the mixture was quite thin, I added 1/4 Seche Vite to thicken it up. Shook it up and this is what it turned out with.

Since I added Seche Vite it made it dry fairly quickly and it takes 2-3 coats depending on the thickness of the coats. And the glitter really stands out with a top coat. It looks a little more grayish in real life though depending on the way you look at it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sun Sun Sun here it comes

Ok so the title of this was very random in fact I was just thinking about something random. Sorry again I couldnt go on last night bc my bro took over the computer. Now I am forced to use my moms computer which means the video is going to be uploaded later than expected. So yesterday was Thursday It was ok... We go out early like @ 12. We went to stations and poor sky had to sit next to the worst people. Ok so then after skool we got to make our sandwhiches at daycare. J-Kwon or Tiffany was there too. He ussualy goes there on Fridays cuz we get out early on Fridays. His real name is Jeriel. While we were making our sandwhiches Christina took the last croisant so J-Kwon couldnt have it. He was stuck with the 2 little sandwhices. Then after Andrea brought out the Phlipino Dried mangos. Then we played outside of course voleyball. Then after Me Andrea Christina Sky and Miah (Jeremiah) hid the eggs while christina made a 2010 of the eggs and there were so many that we put them in piles when we needed to get more and they were all blowing away. It was funny tho. They blew out the gate also. Then after We saw this bubble guy and we got to play with bubbles. So I finnaly finished the umm OH yea the video editing on my vid but I still have to do the audio editing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Neon Rebel

I know it's very unlikely to post 2 blog posts on one day but I didnt mention everything I wanted to in the last post. Soooo Tommrow I have free dress in my school. And on regular days you can't really were anything colorful so tommrow Im going to where neon shoelaces with neon socks and the most colorful clothes I have. Oh btw Ill try to post something every other day


Sorry to my faithful followers I couldnt blog yesterday. I had some extra work to do. I had to make a menu for my "restaraunt." It's called, Eat, Sleep, Skate. It's a hangout/restaraunt for kids. Lol me and my friends were like, what if some old guy goes there??? lol Im like then Ill put a age limit No one under 11 or over 20 aloud, with the exception of friends and family. LOL. Finally getting a skateboard. Hmmmmmm....OH today I saw Fr.Robert on his skateboard. Try to imagine a priest with a big beard a long brown robe and riding a skateboard. But he's probably like 25 to 30 years old. If he shaved off his beard he would look super young. Sooo yea. Working on my new vid Its the ultimate Beatles fan vid lol so Heads up on that.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello....Today I am going to be talking about Dollface22772 She has amazing tutorials on youtube...Now the reason I am talking about her today is because she is throwing a huge giveaway.. To celebrate her 100 subbies to her blog. And her grand opening to her etsy shop, Littlest Charm Factory. Her creations are amazing. So...GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG: OUT HER SHOP: GO SEE HER ON YOUTUBE: Here is a sample of some of her creations.. This my favorite Little Charm Factory Necklace..might buy it for my mom

Here is her latest Nail video on youtube:

And according to her blog this is her current manicure