Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today was wednesday...

Today was sorta fun. I went to the mini ponies park in Solvang and theyre sooooooo cute. They even had babies. Then we went to a park which was kinda like kids world, and these boys asked me to play capture the flag. I only played one round. It was hot. Then we went to see Diary of A Wimpy Kid movie. It was funny. Then after we went to another park. We fed some duckies french fries and some hamburger bread. Sometimes mean seagulls would take it away from them. Then we went to a diffrent park and walked up the hill. Then we ran down really fast it was fun. Then we went to a less steeper hill, and my brother was like "If I get hurt call the amber lamps." XD I made my own little emoticon XP Its a grossed out one. SO thats all for now... BYE!!!!

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